Acerca de GREFI

Objetivos Generales

Regional Group on Financing
And Infrastructure

Promote respect for the environment and human rights by development financing actors, be they traditional multilateral financial institutions, Chinese banks, governments, regional clusters or other economic-political actors, whether public or private, as well as the application of social, environmental, transparency and accountability standards in infrastructure and energy investment projects approved and implemented in the LAC region.


General Objectives
  • Produce knowledge about financing actors with a presence in LAC, the development projects they finance in the region, and the impacts that these projects can cause on the environment and on local and indigenous communities, in order to promote the participation of civil society, social movements and local and indigenous communities in decision-making process for regional financing.
  • Exchange information between different stakeholders from civil society, indigenous organizations and academia, with respect to infrastructure financing in the region and the potential social and environmental impacts of such investments, aiming at promoting and coordinating multi-stakeholder and multi-level advocacy actions for the improvement of social and environmental policies within the framework of multilateral investment for development.
  • Develop and promote advocacy campaigns on financing institutions, projects and policies in general.

Organizations that make up GREFI

Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad (Environment and Society Association) – AAS (Colombia)

Is a non-profit, environmental NG, that pursues positive changes in policies, legislation and decision-making processes, promoting active participation of civil society both domestically and internationally.

Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Law, Environment and Natural Resources) – DAR (Perú)

Is a non-profit civil organization whose priority is to contribute to the country’s development from the sustainable management and use of its natural resources and the environment, undertaking to promote governance, sustainable development and the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon.

Fundación para el Desarrollo de Políticas Sustentables (Foundation for the Development of Sustainable Policies) – Fundeps (Argentina)

Is a non-profit organization whose work is aimed at the construction of a more just, equitable and inclusive society, promoting sustainable development with respect for human rights. For these purposes, FUNDEPS carries out research, training, advocacy, strategic litigation and cooperation activities in general.

Our Work

Our lines of articulation and advocacy

For several years, the three organizations have had the opportunity of working together by articulating our agendas and identifying a series of common objectives and strategies. Likewise, we monitor international financial institutions, defend human rights, monitor cases locally, and work on regulatory frameworks for transparency and access to information, as well as on environmental regulatory issues, which has allowed us to complement each other in our work and direct joint actions. Thus, in a spirit of collaboration and mutual cooperation and seeking to strengthen our work and achieve a greater impact, we have decided to establish ourselves as a group, to jointly produce knowledge and advocacy actions in processes of international financial institutions and development banks.

  • Infrastructure and energy
  • Chinese investments in the region
  • Transparency, social and environmental standards in international financial institutions.